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He had said that in about three months, I should look for the changes in my life! Here I was at just that point in time and everything was being stirred up and changed in the most sensitive area of my life: my security! It was Fearful – and that made me think of what I had experienced in my first vision. Now I could compare this fear with real FEAR itself, something I had gone through and survived. Once I understood this, I felt a strange calm come over me. This new situation was not truly fearful. Not compared to the real thing! This was something in motion with a purpose and I could and would survive it and even use it! Change had been forced into action, along with me, but I had a pad of time and income to create something new!

I’ve done some significant study of and work with Carl Jung’s ideas of synchronicity. I find this compelling and I often observe it in action in my life. It seems to function strongest when there is great change and strong emotions involved, and this new job situation was certainly that. I postulated that Mother Ayahuasca had taken a good look at my life and decided I needed a strong push out of the comfortable nest I was stuck in. The method she used is appropriate to her not being a physical being in this world, but a “spirit” being. Perhaps, she could manipulate our world through methods of synchronicity to bring certain events together.

I decided I would not succumb to despair or depression. I would not let the company crush me like an ant. The best revenge is success! I would take the cue and run with it, making my own opportunity out of what appeared to be a disaster for me. I knew I was too old and frankly, too experienced to likely find another similar job in my industry. I needed to stay in my city and I really had no other skills to turn into another kind of job, nor the time to develop them. I had to take that leap and go into business for myself.

I sold my house and used the equity to purchase the equipment for my new studio. Then I bought a house where I could actually have my studio as well as my home. It was up and running before my six months disability leave was over. Also, several of my major clients at the cable company – people I had made commercials and programs for for years – were not pleased at all by the actions of the company towards me. They were glad to follow me and help establish my new business. Five years later, some of them are still crucial to my success.

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The road has been bumpy. The recession has taken a large toll on me as it has on all of us, but I have managed to keep it going, and I’m still in business today. More importantly, I’m in a vastly superior place spiritually and mentally. I may not enjoy paid vacation or even basic medical benefits, but I am happy and energized by being on my own and responsible for my own success or lack thereof. I am no longer stuck.

I believe that an important aspect of the gift of the coin, “One New Soul”, was this. Some part of my soul that had languished and stagnated had now been healed. I am fully alive again, even though that means I have to face dangers as well as find unexpected joys in my new life. Now, as I have successfully battled cancer last year and continue to seek ways to expand my video work, I know that I have received this healing and I treasure more than ever the gift of the heart that I received from Mother Ayahuasca.

It is easy to let this kind of languaging drift into what sounds like “religious talk.” I do not deify Mother Ayahuasca. I understand her to be an Elemental Spirit who has the ability to interact with our lives through some backdoor methods that involve synchronicity and the collective unconscious, to use Jung’s terms. I do not know how to scientifically describe this, but I accept it for myself since I have experienced it directly.

In this manner, what has happened to me since my journey to Peru is itself a shamanism event! It is a personal, direct experience of a non-ordinary reality. Something from the other dimensions that lie so close to ours, yet are hidden unless we use the magic key to retune ourselves to their frequency. Even when we don’t do so by working with Ayahuasca or other entheogens or non-plant methods, we can still observe shamanistic effects in our everyday lives if we are attentive and know where to look.

Five years on, there is not a day that goes by that I do not think about my experiences in the Amazon. I desire to return and to re-engage with the great plant spirits. I want to continue my education in the school I feel that I just barely entered. I want to sincerely thank Mother Ayahuasca for her love and for giving me just the perfect kick of Chaos in my outer life, even if I never have the privilege of another personal encounter with her.



Before I went to the Amazon, I was apprehensive about taking my body into that dangerous and mysterious physical environment. I wanted to work with Ayahuasca so much that I thought I would just “put up with” being in that jungle. I did want to see it, and maybe it would be a fun adventure, but I’d probably never be comfortable there. I’m a desert rat, after all!

I was truly surprised at how wrong I was. The great selva, the forest of the Amazon, can certainly be mysterious and dangerous, but during my stay there, I felt one thing more than any other. I felt like I had come HOME. The vast expanses of Life Itself, surrounding me completely, sang to my soul and said, “You are home. You are life. You are Earth. We are life and Earth. Welcome home!”


David P. Crews
Austin, Texas

March, 2012

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I would like to express my deep appreciation to don Howard Lawler, don Roberto Acho Jurama, and all the family and crew at SpiritQuest for their service, sensitivity, and love during my life-changing experiences with the Mother of All Plants, in the heart of the greatest forest on Earth. Muchas gracias.



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