Music plying the waters between deep ambient introspective journeying and glowing emotional atmospheres.

Sonic landscapes existing on the borderland between the known and the non-ordinary.

From electronic music to full symphonic orchestral scoring,

David Crews creates music, stories, and natural soundscapes

from around the world in his JaguarFeather Studios in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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Link to full film: A Circle in the Desert

A Circle in the Desert
Multiple award-winning feature length documentary film
by David P. Crews
Eight international awards for Best Original Score

Winner of 41 National and International Awards, including:
Best Feature Documentary
Best Inspirational Film, Best Nature Film, 
Best Cinematography, and Best Original Score

•Los Angeles•Chicago•New York•Las Vegas•Hawaii•Toronto•

Click the image above or
the Link HERE to View the Full Film!

Visit the official Film Website for more information.

This music score was created over a ten month period with:
the BBC Symphony Orchestra-Pro from Spitfire Audio, London.
Also: Joshua Bell Stradivarius Violin from Embertone;
Erik Whitacre Choir from Spitfire Audio;
Steinway-B Grand Piano from Pianoteq

You can also hear the entire music score {see following links}.


A Circle In the Desert
Original MUSIC SCORE (full score)

by David P. Crews

Eight international Awards for
Best Original Score
Hear David's Full Orchestral Score
for the film without narration.

Click the image above or
the Link HERE to listen to the
full score!


A Circle in the Desert–MUSIC SCORE

Music excerpt from
A Circle in the Desert

by David P. Crews
Eight international awards for Best Original Score

A brief excerpt of the music score for A Circle in the Desert.

Click the image above or
the Link HERE to listen.

This is from a section of the film titled Wonderland,
where David enters the heart of his spirit lands in the
Colorado Plateau of southern Utah.
Here, massive red rock canyons, deep desert,
fantastic stone goblins, and the ancient artwork of the
desert archaic people, lead him to a special place
where he can make a Circle in the Desert
and ask the universe for a vision!


                                              New Music from David Crews >>>

Watching From the Moon

An Orchestral Ambient Piece
from David P. Crews

Comprised of three discrete but contiguous sections:
00:00 • Hidden, yet Seen
09:00 • One Point Six Gigahertz Data Transmission
14:30 • Lunar Presence

This ambient, minimalist piece is the result of an interesting experiment I’ve been wanting to conduct for a while. I’ve recently been working in traditional composition with virtual orchestra, using some of the newer dynamic sample sets like the BBC Symphony Orchestra from Spitfire Audio in London. I thought it would be interesting to employ some of these traditional instrument sounds or timbres of the standard orchestra (strings, woodwinds, brass, etc.) to create an ambient piece where the sounds are stretched and layered in a manner that would not be done or perhaps possible in real-life.

To keep it minimalist and non-melodic is a challenge using such normally yang timbres of the modern orchestra. I think it worked, but it definitely went in a few unexpected creative directions along the way, which means it was fun to do!

So, for this 19 minute piece, I created these rich and entraining orchestral collages while also integrating more typical electronica sounds into the matrix. Sit back and let it flow over you!

A Story in the Rain

A Story in the Rain

Lightning breaks across a pre-dawn sky and the heavens bring down much needed rain.
As the sun rises, a journey through the landscape tells its own story and brings us home once again.

The soundtrack of a vivid thunderstorm David recorded in Central Texas was the inspiration for this fully symphonic composition. Produced with the BBC Symphony Orchestra Pro software from Spitfire Audio in London.

“I’ve always been fascinated with combining original music with natural sound environments. It’s really a type of scoring to film where the film is also audio – the music of nature.”
-David Crews

Westworld Music Competition Entry

Competition Scoring for
HBO's Westworld


An entry into a competition for an original music score for a scene from HBO’s Westworld series. Offered by Spitfire Audio, the selection is a four minute chase scene delivered with the original sound effects and dialogue, but cleared of its music track. Composers can score the scene any way they wish as long as it is completely original work.

This is a cinematic symphonic score with deep percussion and specialty synthesizer timbres in the mix. Produced utilizing Apple’s Logic Pro DAW with the BBC Symphony Orchestra Pro and Cinematic Percussion software from Spitfire Audio in London.
Enjoy the ride!

Cave of the Jaguar (Album)

Cave of the Jaguar (Album)

An ambient Spirit journey.
Read the visionary story of Jaguarfeather
on the music page.

1. Moving Above It 7:12
2. Passing Under 4:16
3. Gazing at the Reddened Sun 4:52
4. Unexpected Clearing 4:24
5. Cave of the Jaguar 12:10
6. Asleep but Awake 5:52
7. Ritual 5:42
8. A Place Inside 4:24
9. Another Geometry 3:44

Songs of Day–Songs of Night (Album)

Songs of Day–Songs of Night (Album)

Emotional Music set in natural world environments recorded on location in the Amazon and Andes in Peru, the Mayan worlds in Central America, and in North America.

1 • Spirits of the Forest 4:48
2 • Songs in the Night 14:15
3 • Birds of Urubamba 5:45
4 • Rainforest River 2:47
5 • Jaguar Shadows 6:49
6 • Temple of Leaf and Air 4:04
7 • Rio Frio Cave 5:20
8 • Stars Don’t Care 5:30

Andes & Amazon Suite

Andes & Amazon Suite

Journey to the high mountains and ancient Incan ruins of the Andes, and then drop down into the Amazon basin to meet three indigenous tribes and explore the mysteries of the jungle.

Winner of two Silver Telly Awards for this original music soundtrack for a travel documentary, remixed for this Suite. The authentic sounds of a shaman’s whistled arcana and three different tribal dances were captured on location in the Amazon and blended into the Suite along with natural ambiences from the rivers, birds and insects, and atmosphere of the mountains of the Sacred Valley and the deep jungle along the Rio Momón and the Rio Amazonas in Peru.

Ayahuasca–Rain Passage

Ayahuasca–Rain Passage
1 hour, 17 min.
An Inner Journey
A visionary sound experience by award-winning musician David Crews, centered on a recording made on his second venture into the Peruvian Upper Amazon to work with the most renowned and respected whole-plant spirit medicine in the world, called ayahuasca–the Vine of the Soul. A jungle rainstorm arrived to guide the ayahuasca ceremony with the energy of Yacumama, the Water Spirit of the rivers and forest, bringing power and depth to the intense visions received from Madre Ayahuasca herself.
1. Arcana
2. Entering
3. Rain and Visions
4. Emerging
5. Awakening

Apple Tree

Apple Tree
One man’s transformation
by the power of love.
~ An Illustrated Audio Book ~

"Here’s an old story. A fable. An ancient tale, perhaps. It came to me as I lay curled up under a cedar tree in a desert canyon one day, seeking respite from the heat. I thought the tree had a lovely texture to her roots, like braided hair – and I told her so. I’ve always spoken to trees and this one surely heard me, for as I lay there, I received a gift from her. It was a story about a man and a tree. It came all at once. Rich with potency, but condensed, much like a seed. As soon as I could, I opened that seed and the story emerged, all in a single burst of energy. I wrote these words, but in a real sense, I did not truly write this story. It was a gift from Her, you see."



Ambient Psytrance. Somewhere out there.

Deep Pools of Time

Deep Pools of Time

Time bends
When thoughts

Folding Inward

Folding Inward

When we fold inward
We see infinity

Portal of Mysteries

Portal of Mysteries

You have come at the right time.
The others await.

Sea of Dreams

Sea of Dreams

A calm sea
in another realm

Upper Realms

Upper Realms

Above the Sky
Inside your Mind
the Upper Realms sing.

Breathe Again

Breathe Again

Floating in Air. Breathe in.
Open your eyes. Breathe again.

Rise and Fall

Rise and Fall

What the Ancients once built
has now been lost.
Will we find them again?

A Photographic Travel Adventure–England & Scotland

A Photographic Travel Adventure with David Crews – England and Scotland

A Photographic Travel Adventure with David Crews – England and Scotland
A pilot program exploring interesting places in the world through photography and video.
FINALIST in the 2019 Moondance International Film Festival for Original Score

In this program, we visit London, see Salisbury Cathedral and mysterious Stonehenge, step up to the enchanting moors of Dartmoor, hike the beautiful Lake District, then head up to Scotland to tour Edinburgh and Rosslyn Chapel. We’ll try to spot Nessie on Loch Ness, and see the spectacular Isle of Skye and Glencoe. Also, we’ll visit King Henry the Eighth in Hampton Court, and enjoy the white cliffs on the English Channel!

"I’ll take you with me on my trip, shared through a unique blend of video and finished photographs, plus my original orchestral music scored to the film on this 38-minute long, fully produced program. It’s not a travel guide, nor a show about technical photography, but a personal essay on the natural beauty and interesting history and mysteries of the places I visit!" - David Crews

Photography available at:

A Time Faraway

A Time Faraway

This special song and music video is a tribute to my dear friend, Ken Zawilinski,
who passed away unexpectedly in 2017. I knew Ken for 38 years. He played guitar and, back in the 1980s, he and I would have fun recording him doing some improvisations. Then, I’d add some synthesizer melody and accompaniment with my old analog Moog and ARP synthesizers.

While digitizing my old tape recordings, I found one of those sessions that I decided to rescue and also upgrade by adding orchestrations with my modern, more sophisticated music resources, specifically composing with my virtual BBC Symphony Orchestra, Joshua Bell’s Stradivarius, and a Steinway grand piano!

This three minute piece is called “A Time Faraway” and I edited some of my recent cinematography footage to it to make it into a video as well. Imagery from Utah, New Mexico, and Texas, USA. [See "A Circle in the Desert" at, or watch it on my YT channel.]

It’s a way to remember, honor, and tribute Ken for his friendship and camaraderie through those many years. I hope you enjoy it!